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Video Store Production

Bringing your stories to life

What inspires us

Much of my time as a child was spent running through the aisles of local video stores, looking at every title and box on the shelves and wondering what stories they would tell. I was starved for stories that made me think, dream, and wonder. 

Here at Video Store Production, we offer you our strong video production abilities to bring your stories to life. We specialize in documentaries, corporate videos and short films.




We will help you create a concept for your videos and can supply storyboards and visual comparisons to bring your vision to life before production begins.

What We Do


This is where we breathe life into your story. One of our biggest strength is the ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines and ensure your product is seen by the world. 


We offer post-production editing services which ranges from video editing, color correction and grading as well as motion graphics for all your video needs. 
We work closely with clients to ensure their videos are to their liking.

Our Work

Our Clients


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Video Store Production

Meet the Videographer

Vincent Sabourin
Creative Director

In 2021, Vincent will be graduating from the Broadcasting - Television program at Algonquin College. His professional career has always involved storytelling in some way. 

This passion combined with his outstanding customer service ensures all of his customers are satisfied with their product and return to seek his services time and time again. 

He is intrinsically interested in telling human stories that resonate with people on an emotional level. 

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